Andersson Bell

Launched in Seoul the year of 2014, the brand “Andersson Bell” began from a Creative Director, who got an inspiration from contrasting two different cultures of Korea and Scandinavian. Andersson Bell was launched by reinterpreting Scandinavian vibes to create new objects from a point of Korean’s view.

Andersson bell brand’s each word contains its own meaning. The first word “Andersson” is from a typical Swedish last name and the second word “Bell” represents a traditional Korea temple bell. Simply the two contrasting cultural traits combined as one and became Andersson Bell. At this point, Andersson Bell likes to show its perspective and unique brand by putting contrast various cultures together and not just only set limits to the Scandinavian.

"Anderson Bell's clothes have a strong personality. The color scheme is also not ordinary, so when wearing everyday clothes, you should try to dress as simply as possible and then finish with Andersson Bell as a statement piece."

"I define the Andersson Bell woman as someone who is engaged in a special profession or art; someone who is confident all the time and loves herself!"

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