For all kinds. In harmony. Without bounds.

Blyszak was born in the summer of 2015: a study in refined eyewear silhouettes, crafted from three combinations of metal and horn.


Metal and horn. Industry and nature. City and escape. Discovery and appreciation. Blyszak moves fluidly in the overlaps between these worlds. The evolving range of products – from new eyewear additions to the extended family of ‘blykit’ accessories - are created to capture a truly global, all-inclusive lifestyle.


Every silhouette is non-gendered, reflecting the desire for true, borderless inclusivity. Styles do not retire, but instead fold into the growing, universally-minded world of blyszak. Precision-cut, grade-a steel and titanium work in harmony with ethically sourced animal horn. Collaborative editions draw on a community of like-minded creators, introducing new likeminded energies to the blyszak world.

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