After hours of shopping, there is nothing more comfortable than dropping your bags, sitting back to enjoy a cup of tea and chatting with a companion instead of having to keep searching for a place to rest.

Oversea, famous department store such as Gallery Lafayette, Le Bon Marché in Paris, Style Nanda in Seoul… dedicate small corners serving drinks inside their main stores to enhance the shopping experience of their consumers

The coffee culture is an significant charme of Hanoi. It is no exaggeration to say that one can easily find a cafe in any street of Hanoi. But perhaps a cafe in a high-end contemporary fashion space like the one at Flanerie is rarely seen in the capital.

Despite being located on the 2nd floor of a building right on Trang Tien Street, people cannot help being surprised by the quiet atmosphere here, such a stark contrast to the bustle outside. Once step into Flanerie, you will be instantly impressed with the black and white marble bar, the luxurious classic green sofa, nestled among the arched white wall.

Rounds of neon lights blend in with natural light from the large window frames bring instant comfort. Natural wooden floor in fish bone pattern and eye-catching green pots dotted around make this lovely corner an irresistible invitation to a peaceful oasis where you can leisurely enjoy a drink while immerse your soul in the music or dreamily watching the Opera House from afar. Without the beautiful clothes around, it's easy to think that you are in a real café.

Waiting for customers here are cups of scented tea and flavorsome coffee made from a stylish small machine. It's hard to choose from an attractive menu but definitely you should not miss Flanerie’s Signature tea. Premium French Dammann tea leaves are combined with the juicy red berries from the tropical regions to leave a refreshing sweet aftertaste after every sip. To please the eyes, the tea is served in elegant gold-rimmed porcelain cups. Every time you lift up a cup, the mild and sophisticated flavor will wake up your senses.

But perhaps what may impress you more is the naturally roasted espresso made of Guatemalan coffee beans. Just a small cup to set your taste bud on a journey: from the sweet taste of coca, butter candy to herbal, citrus flavors. It is hard to believe that a familiar drink can be totally transformed to bring so many interesting experiences.

This peaceful little corner with aromatic tea, delicious coffee and mellow music is not only a relaxing stop for fashion lovers. We are pretty sure it has the potential to become a favorite destination for anyone who wants to slow down and enjoy the sweet moments in life.

Flanerie Café

​2nd floor, 21 Trang Tien, Hanoi

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