Fall Winter 21 - Shushu/Tong

SHUSHU/TONG’s FW2021 collection draws inspiration from Brave New World, part of the dystopia trilogy, prompting a portal for returning. In the world of this novel, divisions are drawn upon birth, individualism eradicated, subconsciousness manipulated. In spite of the material abundance, absurdity lingers in realms of the void.

Two time shifts occur in this SHUSHU/TONG’s comeback. Evoking the era of the 1960s, the Space Age aesthetics instill an unbounded futurism in this collection. Traversing in time back to 632, the “Year of Our Ford,” reality merges with the imagination of a fantastical future as dreams from past and present overlap and project a reflection on today’s society.

Amongst the shadows of modernity in the showroom is a large-scale installation seven meters in height. Captured in profile, the girl stands still in the spotlight. Accompanied by the electronic rhythms imagined by artist Rui Ho, she welcomes you to this Brave New World.