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Fall/Winter 23 - EENK

For Fall/Winter 2023, EENK unveils 'X' - a collection exploring the enigmatic and undefined realm. X symbolizes the unknown in math, societal unfamiliarity, and unique cultural intersections. This collection breaks free from traditional norms, venturing into adventurous territories of blurred boundaries and redefined identities. Gender and time blur, deconstructing basic items into sophisticated mysteries, leaving you intrigued. Shirts and other items undergo intricate reconstruction with concealed layers. Classic check patterns meld with Art Deco prints, brush strokes, and contemporary literature excerpts, forming the season's hallmark pattern. EENK's 'X' journey, a tribute to its Letter Project, features a captivating sculpture by Korean artist Osang Gwon, known for provocative 3D art from 2D images, adding a modern, dark twist to 'X'.

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