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Fall/Winter 23 - SHUSHU/TONG

"Backrooms” is the collection that is in an ode to an "alien space entered from the real world by mistake," the brand pushed the boundaries of traditional uniform design with a dynamic twist. The collection included expert tailoring, double necklines, embellished diamonds, and diverse textures.

When asked about the aestheticism of uniform, SHUSHU/TONG explained that they have always had a desire to experiment with shirting details, gingham fabrics, and girlish tailoring, which they see as part of their brand DNA. They believe that their designs for the modern uniform create a new narrative that allows for self-expression and empowers the wearer with a bold attitude.

This play with color added depth and dimension to the ensembles by the masterful merging of colorful pastels, including the brand's signature pink and blue, on the neutral tones that is further enhancing the otherworldly aesthetic of the "Backrooms."

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