Proud to be a multibrand-retailer but Flanerie Concept Store also want to be remembered as a source of inspiration. From the very first days, we have always thought that Flanerie Concept Store will be a companion with ladies on their journeys to build a better lifestyle.

Understanding that today's busy life makes women no longer have much time for themselves, Flanerie aims to create a modern, inspiring space - where upon entering, women encounter a luxurious, high-class lifestyle yet artistic and culturally diverse.

Flanerie wants to become a place where every woman feel confident to be themselves in contemporary outfits, where they can approach new trends, also the place for learning skills and sharing views of life with other women. Whether through clothes or meaningful events, workshops at our concept store, Flanerie will continue to play a role in bringing modern life philosophy to more Vietnamese women.

At Flanerie, we not only help you to build a stylish wardrobe, but our sophisticated lifestyle products will turn your home into an artistic living space. Every item from lamps, clocks, picture frames to jewelry racks, display shelves, chessboards ... are imported from reputable manufacturers. Elegant contemporary style with meticulously polished designs and high-quality materials in each item make the highlight for any space.

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