Low Classic

Since its birth in 2009, Low Classic has been growing and finding its identity under the watchful eye of both its creators and cult following, alike. The brand has taken its motherland – Seoul – by storm and is set to conquer the entire big, bad world, as we know it. With stockists including Opening Ceremony and coverage in magazines like Dazed or Vogue, the transition has begun and European expansion is on the ever-so-near horizon.

Low Classic with its modern minimalist aesthetic, bases its primary philosophy on the coexistence of classism and wit, and seeks to express feminine beauty and simplicity through young, creative fashion. Low Classic is establishing its voice as a new designer label by utilizing chic fabrics, classic silhouettes, and innovative detail. The collection focuses on the utilitarian, ready-to-wear design, with original mediums developed each season, aspiring a natural elegance that is simple, yet not plain.

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