Natasha Zinko

Natasha Zinko gave up her lawyer career in her native Ukraine to pursue the dream of studying design at the famous Central Saint Martin before founding a brand and boutique of the same name in London. Her 2012 debut collection was immediately bought by Russian retailer TsUM and it didn't take long for her design to be featured in the like of Grazia, Haper Bazaar or Net a Porter. To describe her brand, Natasha used three words: feminine, mischievous and sexy. The women wearing her clothes are happy, confident and not afraid to experiment with fashion to reflect their individualities.

Natasha's inspiration, especially with colors and textures, came from her home city of Odessa, London where she’s residing and the places she’s been to. Her 11-year-old son and his strong passion for hip hop music also influence her to design sporty and streetwear pieces. However, Natasha always finds a way to balance between striking, simplicity and sophistication. Denim material, floral motifs and clever proportions are her signatures but of course, refreshed by seasons.

Admitting to be “hard to please”, she attends trade shows around Europe to select the highest quality fabric and materials by herself. Despite all the clothes are hand-made in West London; Natasha is undeniably the brightest designer representing the booming Ukrainian fashion.

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