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Pre-fall 22 - Eudon Choi

For the PF22 collection – Blow-Up – EUDON CHOI looks back through its archive to reinterpret and reinvent some of its iconic pieces.

This circumspection is, in part, inspired by the 1966 film Blow-Up. In this film by acclaimed Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, the main character, fashion photographer Thomas, discovers hidden details when he blows up an image he has taken.

Focusing on bold new elements, the collection features bright colour and energy, capturing a sense of optimism for the future, much like that of the 1960s.

These new, yet timeless pieces, pair the sleek and streamline finish of menswear with a relaxed take on tailoring. EUDON CHOI presents a collection where wearability and versatility is key, creating clean-cut and effortless modern pieces, to dress up or down depending on the circumstances and the wearer’s mood.

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