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Pre-fall 23 - Wynn Hamlyn

The Jigsaw is about the history of the jigsaw puzzle and about the way the human brain is attracted to things that fit together. Whether it is a piece of furniture that fits perfectly into a space or the masculine/feminine Bun-Cheong pottery - We find beauty in parallel lines and in two things that need each other to be complete.

Historically, jigsaw puzzles were handmade, sawn with tiny hand saws, each puzzle being unique. The elements of the jigsaw speak directly to the two core design principles of Wynn Hamlyn - Innovation and Craft. Innovation in finding new forms of shape and tessellation. 'The Jigsaw' showcases patchwork dresses put together with tesselating knit patches. The collection features a range of relaxed silhouettes, including carpenter-fit jeans, oversized mohair cardigans, as well as fitted dresses that elegantly contour the body for a polished appearance. This season also includes a series of handcrafted buckles, hand-finished knitwear and unexpected combinations that fit together masterfully. The collection embodies the geometrical shape of jigsaw puzzles as well the element the atmosphere that the beloved pastime provides.

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