Resort 2020

Shop Resort 2020 Collections from famous Contemporary Designers at Flanerie Concept Store. This season, we are proud to present Beaufille (Canada), Eudon Choi (UK), Lee Mathews (Australia), Goen.J (South Korea) and Marianna Senchina (Ukraina).

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Spring’s hero pieces came in almost basic shapes in curious fabrics like bouncy neoprene, slick coated cotton.

Lee Mathews

Mathews describes this season as a push-pull between her
predilection for femininity—see a bright pink sheer dress with tiered seaming—and Grzybowski’s love of
tailoring and tomboyish elements.

Eudon Choi.png

Eudon Choi

This spring, the legendary photographer Deborah Turbeville and postmodern dance icon Trisha Brown were touch points for Eudon Choi’s inspiration. Understated and decidedly wearable, Choi’s clothes answer the call of a practical working wardrobe.

Marianna Senchina.png

Marianna Senchina

For Spring, Marianna Senchina embraces the same idyllic aesthetics as previous seasons. There has always been a polka dot dress or a frock layered in tiers of ruffles in her collections.



The Resort 2020 collection defined for 'Real Woman' who look inside own self through nature, and she has the orotund and elegant attitude.