Resort 21 - Shushu/Tong

Playing up a classic 1960s aesthetic, this collection is feminine, nostalgic, and flirty. Of course, though, in typical SHUSHU/TONG style, they go beyond just your typical nostalgic collection by adding in unexpected details like vinyl, 3D texture, over-the-top ruffles, extra short hemlines, and dramatic volume. On the more traditional end of the spectrum, though, you’ll also come across flared midi skirts, peplums, pink gingham, collared necklines, and matching skirt and blazer sets. Pair all that with vintage handbags, knee-high socks, red lipstick, and expertly teased hair, and there’s absolutely no denying the nostalgic feel that works its way into this latest collection. Come to Flanerie to check out the latest collection from SHUSHU/TONG.