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Resort 22 - Eudon Choi

For his Resort 2022 Collection - Eterno Silueta – EUDON CHOI has created a collection, which celebrates the duality of people and nature. After a year of global unrest and isolation this collection marks a critical turning point as we transition back to normality and togetherness. As a point of inspiration EUDON CHOI looked to Cuban artist Ana Mendieta’s ‘Earth-Body’ performances. Famously known for imprinting her body in nature, Mendieta’s feminine sensitivity and strong connection to the female form drew Choi to reflect on the fashion industry’s impact on the natural world. This inspired the creation of a collection using natural materials, like Mendieta, which helped Choi create a dialogue between the landscape and the female body.

The collection reflects on how Choi would often find serenity in nature, which helped ground him over the past year. As a result, the collection brings a distinct lightness using refreshing earthy tones and natural fabric choices including cotton Guipure lace. Neutral hues of beige and slate form the base of the colour palette, creating easy separates that can be layered and combined with current wardrobe staples.

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