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Resort 22 - Rejina Pyo

This was a very personal collection for Rejina Pyo, who wanted to channel the longing for freedom and light-heartedness she’s been feeling in the last year. Since she feels the most free in water, she chose the London Aquatics Center for her return to the catwalk. Prints of photos that she took in the past appear on multiple items “They’re fragments of memories from past travels,” she said. “I guess I was looking back at them with a sense of nostalgia, they seemed to evoke freer days. I liked that they felt a bit naïve, back when there was nothing to worry about.”

Rejina Pyo was thinking back to a time when she could hop on a plane as easily as hailing a cab. “I wanted to explore that feeling you get on holiday; when you might dress a little more adventurously, and that sense of anonymity you have when you’re away from home and you tend to let go a bit more.” Usually favouring more structured fabrics and silhouettes, there was a softness this season, which ushered in a new femininity.

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