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Resort 23 - Keburia

Cruise 2023 collection explores forms of classic elegance and transforms it into a more whimsical feel. It is defined by a fresh and playful elegance

“Once I saw a dolphin cruising through the sea of Marmara. I couldn’t see well through the waves, it was a 2 hour journey and since then I kept staring into the sea trying to catch a glimpse of the dolphin again. I wanted to watch this dolphin all the time graciously surfing in its natural habitat, it was such a spectacular beauty. I wanted to keep watching the dolphins in my Cruise 2023 collection as well.”

The pieces, handmade in Tbilisi, Georgia, are embellished by faux patent-leather details, oversized buttons and contrasting trims. Lightweight dresses are crafted from soft cupro fabrics, creating a fluid silhouette. The Cruise 2023 collection is characterized by a contrast of sharp exaggerated shapes and flowy silhouettes.

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