Shop Spring Summer 2020 Collections from famous Contemporary Designers at Flanerie Concept Store. This season, we are proud to present Andersson Bell (South Korea), C/MEO Collective (Australia), Cult Gaia (US), Danse Lente (UK), Goen.J (South Korea), Lee Mathews (Australia), Low Classic (South Korea), Paris Georgia (New Zealand), Reike Nen (South Korea), Rejina Pyo (UK), Shaina Mote (US), Shushu/Tong (China), Sid Neigum (Canada).

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Andersson Bell-01.png

Andersson Bell

Andersson Bell’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection was inspired by a Traditional Mountain Landscape of South Korea. Andersson Bell made this collection through a thought of collaboration with modern clothes, which include the unique colors.

Danse Lente-01.png

Danse Lente

The Spring-Summer 2020 Collection is comprised of bright pastel colour palette, matching with the cool and breezy temperature of the current weather transition.

Low Classic-01.png

Low Classic

Light blue-gray, soft yellow and crimson resemble the color of the flower. It is composed of colors which are full of spring energy. Completed natural style that is similar to faded colors through Garment Dying.

Rejina Pyo-01.png

Rejina Pyo

This collection was also notable for introducing a “unisex” element. Hawaiian printed or patched mixed-wash denim, muted color shackets, and gently appealing knit polos were part of what felt like a far more tentative version of the reality Pyo is realizing in her true-life vision of for-women—not “unisex”—clothing.

Sid Neigum-01.png

Sid Neigum

he Spring-Summer 2020 collection is highly applicable but still has contemporary and strong, unique personality from Sid Neigum.


C/MEO Collevtive

Evolution and modernisation are Trademarks of C/MEO Collective and clearly shine through part 1 of our Series 0120 collection. C/MEO strikes just the right balance of feminine and masculine; of modern and elegance



The main colors used in the 2020 Spring/Summer collection are a Black and White look. The deformation of the classic items emphasized femininity with the aesthetics of deconstructionism

Paris Georgia-01.png

Paris Georgia

Paris Georgia's Spring-Summer 2020 collection continues to promote their strengths with the "minimalist chic" but no less sexy. The designs show ingenuity to exaggerate the charm of the female body, fitting in the body.

Shaina Mote-01.png

Shaina Mote

Mote’s Spring collection was born out of a desire for something softer, lighter, easier—a feeling some of us New Yorkers can relate to, especially after eight days of fashion shows and appointments.

Cult Gaia-01.png

Cult Gaia

The Cult Gaia’s woman in Hekmat’s imagination would be someone who is really easygoing, effortless, and pays attention to subtle details.

Lee Mathews-01.png

Lee Mathews

They’ve got plenty of options for the Spring season, having gived corporate pinstripe shirts a Western yoke, cut dresses in a wide A-line shape, and made boyish chore coats in over-dyed organic cotton. 

Reike Nen-01.png

Reike Nen

This 2020 Spring and Summer features sexy agile sandals, minimalistic sandals with chunky hills, comfortable yet excitingly detailed shoes



This collection features a pastel palette composed of a black-and-white scheme blended with translucent hues of pink and beige. Details featuring ballet-costume elements cast a dense intricacy onto the silhouette of ballet tights; yarns from ballet dresses are weaved into the skin of tube top dresses.