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Spring Summer 22 - Aje

Aje’s Spring 22 collection, entitled ‘Sequence’, explores the concept of The Butterfly Effect, otherwise known as ‘Chaos Theory’ in the field of mathematics. Captivated by the idea that the most minute of actions or ideas can have monumental impacts on global, complex systems, designers Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris reflected on the notion that the beat of a butterfly’s wings can have an ever-expanding ripple effect on the world at large. This theory of nonlinear patterns made the designers look inward; considering how small or imperceptible actions taken in our everyday lives - from the intentions with which we act, the impulse decisions we make and even the clothes we wear - can create seismic impacts, perhaps even without our knowledge. An exploration of cause and effect, find butterfly-like details constructed in silk linen blends and organza, hand-painted prints, precise cut outs, pintucked pleating and signature Aje silhouettes in Spring 22 ‘Sequence’.

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