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Spring Summer 22 - Low Classic

Bill Viola's Philosophy and the Korean Installation Artist, Lee Woo-hwan's 'Relationship to the Object'
The object itself does not exists as confirmed existence from the beginning but the object ifself exists in an inseparable “relationship” with various conditions or situations, such as time, place, and causality.
The design Low Classic Spring Summer 22 gives the body, mind and soul a fresh start. Minimalist design style, luxurious feel with colors that invigorate and energize retro prints, perfect for the holidays.
Bill Viola and Lee Woo-Hwan draw on Eastern sensibilities from their philosophical foundations. The aesthetic views of the two authors placed in the same context have overcome the contradictions of the times by adding Western modernism to traditional Eastern thought.
In the works of Bill Viola and Lee Woo-Hwan, an intersectional setting is formed as a "correlation" for the viewer to encounter a collection, a transcendent world beyond reality.

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