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Spring Summer 22 - Shushu/Tong

This SPRING/SUMMER 2022 collection of SHUSHU/TONG draws inspiration from the comic <Aim Ear The Ace!>. It follows the story of a high school girl Oka Hiromi, who struggles to overcome her weakness and hardship of training and eventually became a professional ace tennis player. SHUSH/TONG embeds its DNA of extraordinary fortitude and courageous into the new collection.

This collection follows the brand's tradition of incorporating floral elements, bowknots, and oversize silhouettes that delineate stories unique to girls, meanwhile achieving futuristic Space Age aesthetic coherence from last season. The color scheme also underlines the brand's approach to femininity with high tendency for pastel colours: fusing shades of white, pink, blue and black. SHUSHU/TONG SS2022 brings reminiscence of childhood, overlapped by numerous voluminous rubber flowers embellished onto garments. Various petal shapes and highly saturated colours clash with each other, which shows a sense of dramatic and aesthetic appearance. A main element of this collection is quatrefoil flower - created with double layered fabrics fixed with rounded buttons on top, arranging geometrical shapes to accentuate futurism with a vintage flair - a cute nod to radiant tennis outfit. Contrasting panels of luxurious tweed fabric is used to demonstrate effortless layers, alongside with special knitting technique brings out dynamic embossed texture.

Being a sweetheart is not her ultimate purpose. It is all about the journey and pleasure, it is about sparking infinite strength and tension under striking optimism.

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