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​About Us

Introduced in 2017, FLANERIE is a multi-brand retailer pursuing a line of contemporary fashion designs.


Situated in the middle of Trang Tien street with a long history, FLANERIE appears as a future pearl in a magnificent, original but brilliant ocean of treasure. The 'Futuristic' design combines the 'Contemporary' concept in order to create a light and attractive space. Each displayed design is like a mystery waiting to be reclaimed and conquered.

FLANERIE redefines women representing contemporary charm and grace.


A style can hardly represent a woman in this new era. Sometimes they are perfectionists at work, sometimes they are gorgeous in a relationship, sometimes they give their best at a party or sometimes they hide themselves in mystery. In each version, they all make an entrance and beautifully appear as their gorgeous-self. Ignoring the ostentatious, they still confidently stride, ready to integrate and take control of their own lives.


Stylist PORTFOLIO 2020 (VN).png

Style Magazine

Heritage Magazine

Dep Magazine

The italicized 'I' in FLANERIE can be understood as an inspiration - IGNITER or a voice asserting itself - I AM WHOEVER I WANT; Everything, everywhere, all open a door to the future - where creativity and inspiration are endless.


More than just a shopping experience, FLANERIE brings inspiration to unleash your inner artist, discover self through each design and create the best version of yourself.

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