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Fall/Winter 23 - By Malene Birger

“In Scandinavia, it feels like fall and winter for a large part of the year, so it's straightforward for me to relate to the season. Hence this collection really evolved out of just looking at the wardrobe and not to confuse things, mainly reaching for what I myself would want to wear.” Maja Dixotter said.

This FW23 collection reflects a Bohemian-style minimalist spirit, staying true to By Malene Birger's essence. The Creative Director of By Malene Birger, Maja Dixotter, drew inspiration for the FW23 collection from the fall and winter seasons in Northern Europe, focusing on practicality and minimalism. This season's collection offers a variety of coats, from versatile draped coats to elegant winter coat designs. The collection also brings high-quality yak wool products, stylish turtleneck sweaters, and deep crewneck sweaters, along with elegant knit dresses that embody the characteristic minimalist spirit of By Malene Birger. The main color palette remains in natural tones, such as black, brown, honey, peach, khaki, beige, with accents of rust and raspberry red.

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