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Pre-fall 23 - Lee Mathews

The Pre-Fall 23 Collection is inspired by the blues of Yves Klein and Ellsworth Kelly.⁠

"Yves Klein and Ellsworth Kelly's artworks have a special place in my heart, particularly the pieces that portray the uplifting characteristics of the color blue, which symbolises tranquility, affection, and compassion." - Lee Mathews⁠

Pre-fall 23 is a collection of products with signature shapes such as A-shape maxi dresses, oversize shirts or comfortable pants. Environmentally friendly materials and Lee Mathews "branded" details such as flower motifs or drawstrings are also present. The collection is punctuated by an emboldened use of colour bookended by Yves Klein blue and Warhol red. The collection creates texture with layering and colour for a ‘tomboy meets ballerina’ sensibility.

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