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Pre-fall 23 - Stine Goya

In Stine Goya’s Pre-fall 2023 collection, the wearer is led on a journey through the surreal scenes of Pedro Almodovar’s work.

‘Rhapsody In Red’ aims to showcase the unexpected and fierce beauty of Almodovar’s muses through bright trailblazing colour palettes, exuberant prints, and unapologetic silhouettes.

This season wants you to be a trailblazer of confidence. To express yourself, unapologetically, through colour.

From characteristic checks discovered in the scenographic interiors, and the arresting combination of primary red and blue, to the exuberant mix of florals, splashes from the bluest of swimming pools and distorted liquid prints recalling Almodovar’s artistic glass vases, this collection is a riot of the Spanish film director’s emblematic “more is more” mood.

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