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Resort 24 - AERON

In this collection, AERON draws inspiration from the evolving workplace attire, emphasizing a fusion of classic tailoring and refined elegance. This collection serves as a tribute to the timeless art of tailoring, delivering a versatile wardrobe that seamlessly transitions from professional settings to sophisticated evenings. Every piece is crafted with exquisite materials and techniques, embodying the very essence of luxury that defines the brand.

Eszter’s heritage rooted in a family of tailors deeply influences her collections. The tailored suits, crafted with wide lapels and boxy silhouettes in the brand’s atelier, stand as testaments to this lineage. Lambrusco and corduroy separates embrace plush textures paired with sharp cuts, while the office shirt undergoes a modern revival, featuring wide sleeves and tuxedo pleats—perfect for layering under knitted vests or pairing with wrap skirts for an effortlessly impactful look.

A dedication to evolving knitwear towards a more relaxed aesthetic unfolds throughout the collection. Earthy tones dominate, adorned with intricate details like trumpet sleeves and refined collars. Delicately laced sweaters and luxurious cashmere staples epitomize this shift, enveloping the wearer with sophistication and comfort, often adorned with the brand’s signature A-motif logo.

Timelessness remains a cornerstone of AERON's design philosophy, echoed even in their leather styles. The sleek, utilitarian elegance of midnight blue designs ensures versatility and longevity, inviting the AERON community to embrace these enduring styles repeatedly.

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