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Resort 24 - FETICO

The FETICO Autumn/Winter 2023-24 collection is inspired by women who live their individuality and radiate their unique beauty. Starting with flappers–young women known for novelty fashion embracing freedom from traditional societal constraints–in the 1920s, Lisa Minelli who played the short haired cabaret singer in the movie ‘Cabaret’ (1972) and Helena Bonham Carter famous for great versatility in acting with a strong presence, their bold, free-spirited and unique style captured the hearts of designer Emi Funayama.

"Women who appear on the stage seem to know how to make themselves look good. It has nothing to do with beauty stereotypes. People who have confidence in themselves (or even appear confident) are enticing" says Funayama.

The collection incorporates details from 1920s flapper dresses. The iconic low-waisted silhouette is used in wool-bonded long coats and flocked lace long dresses. A dynamic fringe is expressed by inserting multiple slits into tailored jackets, long skirts, and knitwear.

Exploring the unique beauty of irregular patterns and knitted fabrics as well as stripe-painted blouses and dresses created by dyeing Kyoto craftsmen inspired by the brush strokes of artist Teppei Takeda's works. Knitwear made of asymmetrical patterns evoke the beauty of imperfection.

Whatismore, the lineup includes items that emphasize the body line, the signature of FETICO. Jumpsuits with lace-up details, bodysuits with cut- out waistlines and cropped-length jackets exaggerated with shoulder pads.

“Whether you stand on stage or not, you are the main character in your own life. You don't have to be liked by everyone. " says Funayama. This collection brings out the unique beauty in each woman.'

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