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Spring/Summer 23 - Aje

Introducing Summer 23 ‘Lumen’: an homage to the perennial beauty and power of dawn.

Personifying the primordial symbol of hope and new beginnings, Summer 23 is a celebration of dawn as the eternal tabula rasa and moment in which the world is renewed.

Long fascinated by cycles in nature, Aje Co-founders Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris found themselves drawn to the grounding repetition of daybreak after darkness, entranced by the way its light illuminates the earth, stirring feelings of optimism from within.

This reverie saw them look to ancient and spiritual interpretations of the celestial phenomenon; from Roman mythology’s dawn goddess Aurora, who was believed to fly across the sky to herald the sun’s arrival; to the worlds of metaphysics and dream symbology, where the onset of the day represents the road to enlightenment.

What followed is a collection that embodies the aura and allegory of dawn, drawing upon archival Aje designs through the lens of deconstruction and reconstruction to reimagine them for a new day.

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