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Spring/Summer 23 -
Eudon Choi

For Spring/Summer 23 EUDON CHOI takes us back to the South of France. Titled Baiser Salé (Salty Kiss) the collection continues the theme of ‘Love’ explored in Resort 23, but this time we are transported to the legendary French Riviera. Known for balmy summer days, picturesque beaches and a rustic countryside, the South of France conveys a sense of freedom – an idyllic location where summer romances start and end, and where the vibrant seascape is alive both day and night.


Known for getting inspiration from men’s tailoring, EUDON CHOI SS23 effortlessly delves into gender-"uid wear, by combining inspiration from 1930s beachwear with traditional men’s clothing. This focus on silhouette translates into a pleasant sense of dynamism across the collection. The resulting clothes are roomier and imbued with a carefree summer feel. The idea of seeing the fabrics dance in the soft breeze by the sea in the South of France was a key inspiration when conceiving this collection, resulting in a lightness throughout all the pieces

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