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Spring/Summer 24 - Eudon Choi

The EUDON CHOI Spring Summer 2024 collection, titled Chasing Butterflies, draws inspiration from the themes of RS24, encapsulating evolving emotions and moods. This time, the collection finds its creative starting point in the dreamy art of the Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot.

Morisot (1841-1895) possessed a remarkable talent for capturing transient moments in time, often showcasing the evanescent beauty of everyday life. This ability to encapsulate the essence of these moments perfectly aligns with EUDON CHOI's desire to freeze a singular moment in time. SS24 seeks to evoke the spirit of a summer day, where ephemeral moments of clarity and tranquillity blend harmoniously.

While Morisot is sometimes overshadowed by her male Impressionist contemporaries, Choi was drawn to her unique perspective on the female experience, which informed her work, serving as a visual ode to a womanhood free from objectification and idealisation.

The Spring Summer 2024 collection is illuminated by Morisot's mastery of light composition and the suggestion of fleeting instants, creating a sense of implied motion. SS24's looks blend opulence and subtlety, playing with elements such as opacity and transparency, light and dark, comfort and structure, as well as airiness and clean lines, with unexpected twists.

While rooted in Impressionism, Morisot's work also touches on abstraction. Her focus on capturing a scene's essence through light and colour, rather than precise details, resonates with the collection's themes, where abstract floral patterns and flowing textures contrast with geometric shapes and detailing, showcasing the delicate balance between nature and structure.

Morisot's use of soft brushstrokes and gentle hues conveys a wistful and peaceful atmosphere, reflected in SS24's colour palette, which evolves from the emotions stirred by shifting light and moods. Combining soft neutrals like pale blues and coral pinks with bold contrasts of poppy red, deep navy, and black, the collection feels swift yet substantial.

Elsewhere, the transition from day to night finds expression in pieces, which incorporate sheers and intricate lacework while embracing rich and opaque textiles. This interplay symbolises the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength, while innovative cut-outs and draping techniques explore the creation of negative space, dimension, and contrast.

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