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Spring/Summer 24 - SHUSHU/TONG

The narrative of the SHUSHU/TONG SS2024 collection unfolds from Helmut Newton's iconic photographic work, "Big Nude." In this image, a woman stands gracefully, wearing nothing but a pair of high heels, unabashedly exposed yet exuding confidence and strength. From the perspective of SHUSHU/TONG, the signals it conveys are not of sensuality but rather a vibrant expression of female power. "THE NUDE" thus becomes the central theme of this collection, delving into how the bareness beneath the surface and beyond clothing, carries the multifaceted emotions of women—tension, harmony, dignity, or even wildness.

The collection draws upon the hidden core of female explosiveness, striking a balance between everyday wear and theatricality. It seamlessly merges the mysteries and solemnity of ancient Greek aesthetics. Whether the sharp-edged stand-up collar designs, emotional prints crafted from hand-painted oil bouquets, hazy and ambiguous lace elements, or classical and dignified elongated silhouettes, the SS24 collection employs a richer design language to construct a unique narrative of "THE NUDE" for SHUSHU/TONG. It gracefully flows in solemnity, and fearlessly reveals the power of sensuality. It explores the edge deeply rooted in every woman's body, unveiling their authentic, and perhaps concealed, strength.

Hand-embroidered lace, the hallmark element of the collection, adorns the waist or wraps around the legs, subtly revealing the tantalizing texture of the skin, invoking sensuality and tension. The statuesque jumpsuits exude a sculptural quality, reminiscent of the restrained emergence of ancient Greek goddesses' desires. The brand's classic bow elements have been reimagined, shifting between materials and structures, elongating proportions at the tails, or enfolding in a cross-shaped form at the chest, all of which outline a form with the sensuous beauty of Greek sculpture.

This collection's meticulous attention to detail seeks to evoke the multifaceted and abundant power of women. Voluminous lace trimmings at the hem of skirts create a powerful, multi-layered collision of textures. The introduction of bras and silk deep V-neck dresses attempts to break free from the constraints that have bound women, presenting intimate garments that blend beauty and desire, revealing an elusive and captivating sensuality. The Pocket Bow handbag is presented anew this season, blending geometric structures with sleek bag handles, adorned with oversized butterfly bow decorations. The accessories remain in harmony with YVMIN, utilizing shell carving techniques to interpret the essence of "THE NUDE" in a Baroque-style depiction of the female body silhouette, thus continuing the exploration of "THE NUDE" in the collection.

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